How to Backup Your WordPress Database and Files

WordPress is a strong and solid web publishing application, but since it’s hosted on a web server and data is stored in a database, it’s crucial to backpack your blog or WordPress website quite frequently just in case catastrophe strikes and you lose all of your content… and thus… no more blog or website…poof… all gone. By backing up your site frequently, you will be able to restore your site to what it was before it was obliterated into nothingness. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

You should always run backups on three important elements of your site:

1. the database
2. wp_content folder – which has your themes, plug-ins and uploaded content
3. wp_config.php file – which holds your access information.

I know it seems like a huge chore to have to backup all of this information, but believe me, if something goes wrong, you’ll be happy you did.

Let’s look at the database backup first. There is a simple, automated way to back up your database which is much better than doing it manually. A manual backup, I admit, is a lot of work. WordPress offers a great plugin that makes database backup a breeze.

To install the plugin, go to Plugins, Add New, then search for WP-DB-Backup (by Austin Matzko). Click install now, and activate it. The database backup plugin will appear under Tools in your WordPress dashboard. So, click on Tools, and then Backup. This plugin, by default, will backup your entire database. It even copies your spam comments and post revisions. You can exclude those by checking the boxes, but I suggest leaving them in so that you have a complete copy of everything you had.

Then you have two option for backup. You can either backup immediately, or you can schedule backups. I suggest scheduling backups. If you add content to your blog or site on a daily basis, choose once hourly or twice or once daily. If you post once a week, then a weekly backup should be sufficient. You may want to set up a Gmail account to receive the backup emails if you do a hourly or daily backup since you’ll keep getting backup emails, which can get irritating after a while. So, type in your email address in the box and click schedule backup. If you want to, you can also run a backup right away by going to the Backup Options section and choosing Email backup to: with your email address and clicking Backup now.

So, that was how to backup your WordPress database files. Step 2 is to backup your themes, plug-ins and uploaded content. These are all located in your wp_content folder. You’ll need to create a folder on your computer that is specifically for these backup files. You can call it WPbackup and place it where you will be able to find it later, like in your documents library, or wherever you like. This is the folder where you will place your backup files. The way to do this is by using your FTP, browse to your blog files, find a folder named wp_content, and simply drag the wp_content folder into your new backup folder on your computer. This lets you backup your themes and plugins, plus all the other files you’ve uploaded onto your site, including videos, photos. it even backs up all the upgrades for your theme and plugins. I recommend you do this back up at least once a month, by just dragging the new wp_content folder from your FTP into your backup folder on your computer. it will simply overwrite the old content, and add in any new content. If you want, you can even date your backups so that you will know when you did your last backup. Once a month should be sufficient.

Step three, is backing up your access information. Go back to your FTP client and find a file called wp_config.php. Drag this into your backups folder. This file contains the code configurations that shows how WordPress communicates with your database. It’s important to back this file up because if catastrophe strikes and your WordPress crashes completely, you can actually replace every single file in the WordPress installation, except for the wp_config.php file and wp_content folder. When you drop in these backed up files, your WordPress will come back up and work properly. So, if disaster strikes, all you need to do is clear out your FTP of all files, then bring in a fresh copy of WordPress, then bring in your backed-up wp_config.php file and your wp_content folder. Then everything will go back to normal.

Running complete and continuous backups of your database, themes, and uploaded files, along with your access files will ensure that if anything does go wrong with your site or blog, you can always restore it quickly. Doing backups may seem like a hassle, but if something does go wrong and your site or blog gets wiped out, you’ll be so happy you did.

Insights Into Clear-Cut Service Repair iPhone Methods

Owning a feel screen phone or tablet requires look after the surface look of the device, especially the screen, the most beneficial area of the device. Its smart to offer the screen protected against scratch and breaks, which minimize the awareness of the screen to feel or disable the screen entirely. Reduced tempered glass screen guard gives greatest screen safety in your phone or tablet device.

Tempered glass is manufactured by subjecting glass to thermal remedy or by healing it with hydrofluoric acid solution. This type of remedy raises the compressive tensile on the surface of Samsung cover producing the surface toughened. This may cause tempered glass resistant against warmth and stress utilized on the surface. Contrary to regular glass which splits and distinguishes the items apart, when tempered glass splits, it shatters into extremely small items, which might still be intact or split according to the area finish.

These screen includes can hold up against a great deal of warmth which may emanate from trying to keep the phone inside a wallet that gets heated through the body, with out going through thermal expansion. This really is a residence which makes is superior to plastic materials along with other kinds of screen protectors, which effortlessly experience thermal expansion and damage. Because the glass is not going to heat up, the adhesive keeps towards the area regardless if heated. Plastic materials will start to peel off the screen when heated just a little.

Making use of a guard that may be tempered glass in your phone or tablet area is rather simpler than plastic materials yet others. This is because, the glass is inflexible and is not going to extend in the program. A lot of the screen protectors are already reduce towards the shape and size of the device they can be designed for and so one motion of attaching is all you need. Plastic materials on the other hand, because of the simple expansion residence can extend throughout program. Some of them may require re-shaping soon after to be able to fit the product appropriately.

Smudging throughout screen guard program is one difficulty which most phone and tablet managers deal with. With plastic materials, because of the thin character, it is simpler to get crumpled and pick up air bubbles. This may cause them extremely clumsy and untidy at times. Tempered glass screen include program on the other hand is not going to present this issue of smudging. Making use of plastic materials requires an expert and experienced man or woman to accomplish properly, whiles the tempered glass could be performed by the dog owner of the device without any difficulty.

They offer much better safety towards the screen of phones and tablet pcs. This is because as soon as the system is lowered or anything hits the surface, the tempered glass absorbs the surprise and stress. If the influence of the decline is very strong to destroy one thing, the screen guard is the thing that is damaged. With plastic materials on the other hand, a decline of the device splits the screen, because the plastic-type is thin which is struggling to absorb pressure of the influence.tempered glass

These protectors are resistant against scratch. This is due to your property of tempered glass that is not going to allow it to be personally altered except when by use of high warmth. With plastic-type screen protectors on the other hand, the least scratch on the surface simply leaves a mark. A pencil or acrylic nail extensions may also keep scuff marks on plastic materials. This may cause them look untidy and unattractive inside a short time of using.

Even though tempered glass protectors can be more expensive out there, costing between $12 and $75 according to the brand name and device size, they can be cheaper in the long run. This is because the glass screen protectors may last for many years, with out demanding alter. Plastic materials on the other hand will need to be modified once in a while to help keep the product looking good plus keeping the awareness of the touch-screen. Computers the fee for the service repair iPhone the plastic-type screen protectors fairly often will make it clear they are higher priced to utilize.

They also provide you with the easy feel feel of the screen that you simply feel with all the initial screen of the device. With plastic materials nevertheless, you can have the difference since the swipe and feel is not really that easy.

The only issue with all the tempered glass include is that, it should not be reshaped or resized effortlessly just like the plastic-type types. Tempered glass is normally designed just before it is toughened. It is not necessarily possible to even work afterward. Which means that, you should invest in a high quality tempered glass screen guard created especially for your device. With plastic materials on the other hand, you can reduce and reshape one that may be not designed for your device to put its area without any problems.

A Guide to Yoga Mat Review

If you are looking for a Studio yoga mat that is for intense use, Yoga-Mad has a choice of mats in numerous widths and thicknesses. The European produced yoga mat is more density supplying better ease and comfort and excellent grasp, although the content is significantly stronger than typical yoga mats.

The Yoga mat was the first yoga mat intended to be evaluated to Oeko-Tex Degree 1 and qualified as evaluated for dangerous elements for skin contact. The black Studio mat is likewise regarding the only flame retardant yoga mat on the market which make it perfect for institutions just like the NHS in which flame retardant merchandise is generally stipulated.

The yoga mats can be purchased in a 3 thicknesses, 4mm which is most widely used; 3mm for those needing a less heavy mat or preferring stronger grounding in standing upright postures and 1.5mm for individuals who want a foldable mat for travel. The Studio mat is likewise available as an more large yoga mat at 80cm large, which is specifically a good choice for use on drafty surfaces.

Generally obtain the best high quality mat that you could afford to pay for. An excellent mat will last a long time and supply far better utilization, whilst a cheap mat will degrade your process. Very good Yoga mats enhance equilibrium and co-ordination. Most of us are certainly not well balanced, and for that reason do a lot of whatever we do asymmetrically–as an example, we might be much stronger on our appropriate aspect and weakened on our still left. With higher balance, there exists a lot less reimbursement.

These are among the queries that you could question, and below are among the comparing assessments for identifying high quality:

The crunch analyze: Pinch the mat between thumb and forefinger to compare and contrast compression resistance.

The damp rubbing analyze: Replicate perspiration by moistening your hand. Compare damp grip by having downward laterally on top from the mat.

The quarter analyze: Compare examples by rubbing these with the edge of any quarter until the area stops working. The greater strokes it will require ahead of the area pauses, the more life the mat will have.

Very good Yoga mats will provide you with balance and grip.

Our Yoga mats, made for beginners and industry experts as well, offer you cushioning that may be packed nevertheless light-weight-weight. The “sticky” texture does a wonderful career of trying to keep fingers and ft firmly in position. Yoga mats provide best support and cushioning between you and also that cool challenging ground. Assist is provided for contact points like knee joints, elbows and hips, anywhere in which there is no need extra padding.

The standard Yoga sticky mat
The standard sticky mat will not offer you much extra padding, but newer, fuller types have become being made. Some choose to employ a smoother, shock absorbing mat together with a sticky mat or possibly a 100 % cotton process rug (which soaks up moisture content and perspiration and offers grip and balance).

Yoga Mats Avoid Injuries
Yoga mats lessen injuries a result of slick areas. Even a carpeting could very well grow to be slick and cause an accident, especially in a much more complex present